Health-related issues

What are health-related issues?

Health-related issues are very common and can range from Cancer to depression to daily unmanageable stress. To an extent they can all be one of two categories, either benign, which poses no threat or danger to the body, or malignant, meaning they need further treatment and support. Whatever your diagnosis, it’s really important that you take notice of how you are living, engaging and communicating. Life is precious and we spend so much time not really understanding this crucial fact.

How Can Clear Counselling help?

Counselling can help to re-establish who you are, what you believe, where you come from, and what is important to you – after all, counselling is about exploring. A disease does not come out of the blue, so looking at lifestyle, stubbornness, willingness to change and important pressures that need to be maintained can give you some structure to what may have become a turbulent and frightening world. Looking at issues such as guilt and self-blame, feelings of powerlessness or the pressure to increase activity are all relevant, as our fear, frustration and wanting to rewind the clock. Counselling can help you to understand what you need, where you denied who you were, and what has become difficult when it used to be easy. Finding yourself is a powerful discovery, and in some ways, health related issues can inspire you to change your thinking.

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