What is bullying?

A bully is a person who intends to make another person feel powerless, worthless and afraid by emotionally, verbally or physically abusing them, often repeatedly. Bullies use deliberate aggression to cause pain and distress, and the experience of being bullied can have a very significant and traumatic impact, sometimes leading to self-harm, depression, isolation, suicide and attempted suicide. Bullying behaviour is common in school, work, sport, and even home environments, and is a part of life within all cultures, on our doorsteps and across the world. Commonly, people who have been bullied as children become bullies in adulthood because it is a behaviour they have learned. Alternatively, they might work in organisations that bring awareness to, and fight bullying.

How can Clear Counselling help?

Counselling can help you to understand the forces that are at play during the act of bullying and can help build the confidence necessary to move away from being a victim. Counselling can also work with any anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts or depression that needs to be treated. It is essential though to not take peoples fences down until they are safe within themselves and understand why they were put up. It can be difficult to grasp why someone dislikes you and wants to hurt you, so you may find that you shrink a little, which is when a bully starts to gain power. Learning to be assertive in a safe and positive way can change how you behave and react in your daily life, and change the cycle. It is important that if you are being bullied, you tell as many people as you need to until you get the support you require.

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