Attachment Disorder

What is Attachment Disorder?

We all rely on forming attachments with others throughout our lives, and attachment is usually shaped by our early experiences with those closest to us. If a child’s mother is absent or does not form a secure and reliable bond, then the child can grow up with a lack of trust and may find it difficult to form stable, close relationships. If, on the other hand, the child has been provided with a ‘secure base’ either from the mother or other significant family members then later, closer relationships will be more possible. Of course, there are other relationships in-between which can assist and inform to gain understanding.

How can Clear Counselling help?

Counselling assists the client by helping them to explore and understand their primary relationships and experiences during their early years. By examining how friendships are made and broken and general interactions with friends, family and colleagues as you go through life, patterns of behaviour become apparent. This process can help you begin to understand yourself in a way that you either accept or may wish to choose to change, all while being supported by a trained professional. Counselling is very much about you finding your own way in your world, and to know who you are, realise what you want and find where you are going can be incredibly life-affirming.

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