What is anxiety?

Anxiety can mean many different things to many different people. For some, anxiety is a temporary state which passes when the source of their stress subsides, while for others it becomes a long-term condition which affects their lives and those of their loved ones. Common to all of us is the feeling that anxiety can be overwhelming, with the condition having the power to produce physical symptoms like chest pain and panic attacks, which can affect the overall quality of your daily life.

How can Clear Counselling help?

Counselling can be really beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, and your therapist will strive to help you identify the triggers, thoughts and beliefs surrounding your condition. It is often the case that those closest to you can become frustrated by your worries or anxieties because they have never experienced similar feelings, so your therapist will proceed with a non-judgmental attitude. Reassurance and patience can go a long way to move the rain clouds along. Excessive worry or anxiety about multiple issues can indicate a generalised anxiety disorder which needs to be addressed, so your counsellor will listen to you, and try to gently challenge your insecurities and concerns, which will begin to challenge themselves. It’s important to remember that feeling sad or worried at times is a part of life, along with other pressures and problems, and giving yourself space and time to explore these issues stops them from growing out of proportion and turning into depression. From this perspective, counselling can be a very valuable, rewarding and exciting learning experience.

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