Addictions often allow people a temporary escape from their problems and can manifest themselves in many activities; alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling, shopping, sex and use of the Internet. For many, their craving or impulse offers a short-term escape from the realities and pressures of everyday life and is often used to deal with depression or anxiety. For most, the long-term consequences bring extra guilt and shame which eventually create an increasingly destructive cycle, drawing in family and friends.

How can Clear Counselling help?

Counselling can help an addict to start to understand their emotional needs and face the realities of life. Seeking counselling can give an addict more hope of addressing the underlying problems attached to their addiction and maybe, more importantly, to start with, help them to acknowledge that an addiction is present. This is a difficult process, which can often involve uncomfortable feelings around self, family and friends. Most addictions have specialist agencies or helplines dedicated to dealing with the specific issues which may offer programmes to follow alongside counselling. This can be an effective form of treatment and may help sufferers begin to recognise and understand their illness. Understanding and acknowledging real emotional needs and examining their underlying causes can provide a rewarding foundation for building a new way of living. Individual counselling may also offer the chance to build self-esteem and self-respect.

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