What is counselling?

How it works

Counselling provides a confidential and non judgmental environment where you can work through your thoughts and feelings with a trained person centred therapist. Counselling provides the space for emotional exploration and development within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Person centred counselling explores your present problems but also looks into where these problems may be rooted in your past. It can be useful to consider how the past affects us now; and with this new awareness you are equipped to make changes.

Our therapists have a wealth of experience and can provide you with a safe, confidential  and supportive space in which to discuss your issues.

The therapy we offer can be short, or long term depending on your needs. To begin with, there will be an initial meeting where we can discuss what you want to work on in therapy. If counselling is considered to be the most appropriate therapy for you, we will agree to regular appointment times. Appointments are usually 50 minutes. Normally 6 sessions are offered to begin with, however there is a flexibility to extend the number of appointments based on individual requirements.

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